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Why is everyone so shocked about this?

Why is everyone so shocked about this? Does anyone really believe that a celebrity brand means automatic business success?

A #cannabis business is just a business. It has to make sense to make dollars.

In a situation like this, where there's a scuffle between partners, it's more likely than not that their problems could have been avoided or defused if they were addressed in the contract, thereby allowing the business venture to go on to succeed despite the dispute.

By failing to address the hard questions up front, you're all but guaranteed to have a business "divorce."

Pro tip: When doing deals, do yourself and your future partners a favor and ask: "In just how many ways can this thing go wrong?"

Then straight up tackle all those issues up front in the best and most delicate way possible.

Business divorces happen All. The. Time.

However, if you properly confront the business-divorce-related issues early on, you're more likely to experience a happily ever after.

-The End

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