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What you do in business can have lasting implications...

In business, you need to be aware that what you do, and even much of what you don't do, can have lasting legal implications.

Many people forget that the law applies even when they're not "doing business," such as in situations when they:

Say the wrong thing in a seemingly ordinary email;

Fail to uphold the terms of an agreement through action or inaction (yes, even the teeny tiny fine print);

Incorrectly believe that only written documents are "contracts," and inadvertently creating enforceable oral agreements.

I've seen the many things that can go wrong in business from the front lines of the business war stories themselves, as well as from the resulting lawsuits.

After seeing the worst of what can happen in a wide range of business industries and business transactions, I’m thrilled to be able to save clients from avoidable future sticky situations by helping them create agreements that deal with the wide range of future events they didn't foresee.

If you're not a lawyer, don't act like one.

Not going to the doctor is a sure way to put your health at risk.

Not hiring a lawyer is a sure way to put your business (and your health) at risk.

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