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Want to get smart on what’s happening "at the top"

Want to get smart on what’s happening "at the top" with the big public cannabis companies? Read this comprehensive and well-researched article on the current state of affairs.

Although I'm sure some of these companies are legitimately trying to run honest and successful businesses, and are simply up against complicated regulations affecting banking and accounting which put added pressure on their bottom line, it's pretty clear that other companies are being run by outright fraudsters looking to enrich themselves at the expense of their investors and the trusting public.

It's a real shame.

There's so much good that could be done with the power and positioning these companies happen to have at the moment, however it seems that we may have to wait for the reboot to cannabis 2.0, when the we start seeing new faces take the lead and see all the possibilities surrounding this new market really take flight, properly.

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