Wana Brands wants you to believe that they're really the victim here.

Wana Brands wants you to believe that they're really the victim here. Their alleged crime? Simply being so super duper successful that someone fabricated an entire story just to sue them and take them down a notch. Sure... ok.

“As the nascent cannabis industry continues to mature, brand leaders are beginning to experience many of the challenges faced in other more mature industries, including groundless lawsuits that seek to damage successful companies." - Wana Brands


Although portraying the perpetrator as the victim is a common litigation "re-framing" strategy, when it comes to the #cannabis industry, statements like this have been used and abused to try and hide the most heinous and despicable crimes. It's nauseating.

While I have no idea if the claims about Wana are true or not, from my experience doing cannabis deals and litigating cannabis business disputes, the alleged bad behavior is par for the course in the seemingly alternate universe of "cannabusiness."

C'mon people. I've been warning about this for years. Literally.

Hire better lawyers EARLY on to CYA before you need them to come and do a MUCH more expensive clean up of your mess later on.

EDIT: This case was filed in 2018 - I don't have an update as to the status of the case.

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