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This makes perfect sense.

This makes perfect sense. The infrastructure is already in place. The zoning already allows for it. The local communities are already ok with it.

Every city should follow this model.

The law of course shouldn’t be that people can consume cannabis at every cigar/hookah lounge, rather that the lounges should be allowed to choose whether or not they want to permit cannabis smoking at their establishments.

For the same reasoning as above, I’d argue that people should be allowed to smoke cannabis in any public or private location already specifically designated for smoking cigarettes or cigars.

Just like it would be wrong for a city to suddenly change the speed limit of its highways down from 65mph to 25mph, knowing everyone would inevitably break the law and speed; legalizing cannabis without providing lawful locations to consume it is a honey trap which turns people into criminals.

This is a social justice issue which needs to be addressed.

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