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The most successful business-people I know...

The most successful business-people I know are those who know how to remain humble enough to take good advice by hiring the best, BEFORE it's too late.

As a business attorney and litigator I find that, far too often, people seek the advice of attorneys when the fire is already raging out of control.

Although the advice of an attorney isn't cheap, it’s MUCH more costly to hire someone like me when the chaos has already erupted and you need me to handle the messy situation for you.

Investing, making deals, creating partnerships, licensing brands, etc. all require a tremendous amount of foresight to get done right.

Business litigators get to see how even the best deals can go wrong. Our job is to protect clients from falling off the same cliffs others failed to notice.

The #Cannabis industry has an epidemic of companies blinded by the fact that cannabis basically sells itself.

They call themselves geniuses. "Kings of cannabis." Enormous egos.

But now that reality hit, many are asking how the heck will we survive?

Rather than seeking good advice, they insulated themselves inside a self-congratulating echo chamber of bad ideas.

Although there's no "undo" button, if there's still a pulse, there's still hope.

Invest in good advice today. Don't wait till it’s really too late

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