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The High Times story gets stranger by the day...

"There is a major problem with one of the Have A Heart dispensaries that High Times is buying from Harvest Health.

One license belongs to the HAH San Francisco location in which CEO Alexis Bronson says Harvest Health had no right to sell. Bronson owns 40% of the HAH dispensary and he claims his business partners sold their shares to Interurban Capital Group (ICG) without his approval. The dispensary was then flipped to Harvest Health & Recreation, who just sold it to HHI Acquisition Corp, a subsidiary of Hightimes Holding Corp.

The High Times Purchase Agreement acknowledges the Bronson position in HAH. The document states, “Neither ICG nor Harvest holds any rights to acquire the 40% interest held by Bronson. Assignment of Contingent Assignment requires the consent of the Board of Managers of HAH 2 CA LLC.” High Times was to deliver $1 million to Harvest Health on April 27 as a deposit and then another $4 million at the closing date or within 45 days of the effective date. High Times did not respond to a request to comment on the Bronson situation. Harvest is also suing ICG which adds even more complications to this deal."

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