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Talk about a curveball!

The folks at Major League Baseball (MLB) have decided to treat #cannabis consumption by players in the same way that alcohol use is handled.

Allowing adults to make adult decisions responsibly makes perfect sense.

Considering the fact that a significant number of professional sports teams are located in adult-use states, this is a great example for other professional sports leagues to follow.

““Going forward, marijuana-related conduct will be treated the same as alcohol-related conduct under the Parties’ Joint Treatment Program for Alcohol-Related and Off-Field Violent Conduct, which provides for mandatory evaluation, voluntary treatment and the possibility of discipline by a Player’s Club or the Commissioner’s Office in response to certain conduct involving Natural Cannabinoids,” MLB said in a press release.

In other words, players will only face discipline for violations related to unsanctioned conduct while under the influence, rather than simply for testing positive for THC. Previously, a positive test resulted in mandatory treatment, and failure to comply was punishable by a fine of up to $35,000.”

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