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Let me get this straight....

Let me get this straight.... after trying to raise $50M at a $400M valuation, Eaze basically got up and walked out on their actual business of charging dispensaries a fee for #cannabis delivery (and taking a percentage of every sale), to do what everyone else does when they run out of options.... sell weed?

Why in the world would any dispensary want to work with Eaze now that doing so would essentially be suicide?

Hypothetical (but very plausible) conversation:

Dispensary: "My customer wants me to deliver cannabis products from my store directly to them at their home/office/etc. Who should I call to make the delivery?"

Eaze: "Ohh, ohh. Pick me. Pick me! I'll help you."

Dispensary: "Wait, but aren't you my competitor, selling your own cannabis products directly to customers? Why should I give you MY customer's name, contact info, location, basket sizes, shopping preferences and habits?"

Eaze: "No no no. We're totally not trying to sell OUR cannabis products to YOUR customers. Trust us. We only want to sell our cannabis to other people's customers. Not yours. Basically, to everyone else except your customers."


Nevertheless, somehow this still made enough sense to an investor to get them a fresh $35 million cash infusion.

What did I miss? Please help me out here.

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