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In the strangest news story of the day...

In the strangest news story of the day, activists seek to put the cannabis genie back in the bottle after the very first wish came true.

“The long-shot effort seems unlikely to pass, at least in its current form. The proposal as submitted last month is four sentences long and appears to leave key questions unanswered. But the would-be initiative is nevertheless an indication of the ongoing frustration felt by those who believe communities would be better off under prohibition.”

Considering the facts that support for #cannabis legalization is at an all-time high nationwide, and that the initiative would “kill jobs, destroy businesses, deprive the state of tax revenue, and restore the injustice of prohibition,” the logic behind this bill remains a mystery.

The proposal states:

“The people of Colorado declare that the recreational use of marijuana is a matter of statewide concern.

Article XVIII, Section 16 of the Colorado Constitution (Personal Use and Regulation of Marijuana) is repealed....”

While the odds of them getting the 120,000+ signatures needed to qualify for the ballot are unlikely, it just goes to show that the “fun police” will never miss a chance to try and ruin a good thing.

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