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How to Make Really Bad Laws in 2 easy steps:

Step 1 = Punish people who didn't commit the crime.

Step 2 = There is no step 2. Step 1 is all it takes.

Under this new law, when “a car” (not a driver) gets a camera-ticket for speeding, the car owner (not necessarily the driver) will have to take a traffic safety course or risk losing the vehicle.

This is illogical, crazy and lazy law-making.

The camera-tickets are not issued to a driver, because the state chose a lazy way of issuing tickets (really “taxes”). Through this method of issuing fines, there’s no way to establish that the registered owner of the car was driving at the time of the ticketed offense (could’ve been a friend or family member driving). This is precisely why these camera-issued-tickets don't result in any "points" on any person's driving record. No person can be found guilty of an offense just by taking a picture of their car's license plate.

Therefore, if someone’s kid drives their car and unknowingly racks up a bunch of hidden camera tickets, the father/mother could risk losing their car unless THEY (not their kid) take a driver improvement class!

Why does that make any sense? What was de Blasio thinking?

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