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"Fake News" is a VERY real thing.

"Fake News" is a VERY real thing. Accept the reality we're living in and adjust how you process information. These days you need to make sure news is kosher before consuming it. Certainly before hitting the "share" button.

"Fake news is defined as: "The deliberate creation and sharing of false or manipulated information that is intended to deceive and mislead audiences, either to cause harm or for political, personal or financial gain."


In our global economy, trust is important. The spread of fake news impacts on our ability to make sensible, informed decisions. But spreading fake news is simple. The ad market is ideal to rapidly spread any information across a wide platform, and the lack of fact-checking platforms means that this news will continue to spread unhindered.

Efforts must be made to ensure greater transparency and rebuild the trust that we used to have in our news sites. With the propagation, sharing, and proliferation across these sites, spreading the news unhindered, we still have a long way to go."

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