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Don't believe everything you read

"Don't believe everything you read" Episode Eleventy Billion, Five Hundred and One: Just like cannabis, cannabis "news" must also be tested for contaminants and accuracy.

The concocted "survey" at the core of this article, which attempts to show "evidence" of investor confidence, was bought and paid for by KCSA Strategic Communications, a PR firm that works with the cannabis industry.

Is it possible that KCSA may have a vested interest in convincing investors to not dump shares of KCSA's clients?

Let's dive in. Who are KCSA's clients? Well (as per KCSA's website) they include Cannabis PubCo's such as:

Acreage Holdings


Golden Leaf Holdings

Green Organic Dutchman

iAnthus Capital Holdings

KushCo Holdings

Medicine Man Technologies

Terra Tech Corp.

Nothing to see here. Please just continue giving your money. Profits are just around the corner... No not that corner, the next one. No, no, the next next one.....Etc.

If you sell your shares today to recover whatever little may be left from your investment, you're clearly not a REAL "believer."

Oh please. Give me a break...

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