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Does Cannabis Legalization Have a Better Chance Now Than Ever Before?

I think Federal #cannabis#legalization has a better chance now than ever before.

With the economy suffering, the states and federal government will be doing everything they can to earn tax revenue. Pulling away black market spending over to the taxable market will be a major lifeline for the states and for the country.

Sadly, I fear that many people will develop PTST symptoms from the impact of the fears, social changes and financial impact of the #coronavirus. Cannabis will become a useful tool to help people manage some of the #PTSD symptoms.

Lastly, we've seen states ALL OVER the country keeping cannabis #dispensaries open, deeming them ‘essential’ under emergency coronavirus orders. This is a pretty big deal, showing just how important cannabis is to the people of this country, even in times as trying as these.

All of these reasons lead me to believe that despite any and all justifications previously holding up cannabis legalization, the time has come for a paradigm shift.

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