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"Big" tobacco makes a big fuss over some interlocking o's.

Oh and also, in other totally unrelated news, tobacco companies are hurting, losing more and more ground every day to the cannabis industry.

I feel like this lawsuit may be about a bit more than interlocking o’s.

While there’s an argument (a weak one) that there may be a possibility of wrongful association between the two companies...These products are different, they’re targeted to different consumers, they’re sold in different retail locations. The likelihood of confusion (at least in today’s legal cannabis market) is incredibly unlikely.

In fact, according to the law (in the States I’m familiar with) you CANNOT purchase cannabis products anywhere outside of a dispensary (or delivery), moreover, you CANNOT purchase tobacco products inside a dispensary.

The laws are specifically designed to ensure that shoppers of one product won’t find the other’s products during their shopping experience.

I’m having a hard time seeing much merit to this, but who knows. The courts operate in a universe of their own...

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