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2020 is the time for big (broke[n]) #cannabis companies to change their war cry...

2020 is the time for big (broke[n]) #cannabis companies to change their war cry from "we're the biggest" to "we're the best at ____" or "we care about ___" and then ACTUALLY DELIVER on those promises.

Why it's taken them billions of dollars in losses to recognize that bigger isn't necessarily better, is a mystery.

One theory is that they treated investors like suckers and blinded them with bright shiny promises that could never be fulfilled simply because the investors allowed themselves to be suckers.

These seemingly sophisticated investors failed again and again to peer through the weed-smoke and mirrors to try to grasp reality, and then when the very last red-flag alarm bell finally went off, the only thing left from their billions of invested dollars was a bunch of ashes.

I read every press release and "news" article with a critical eye. It's pretty much all just paid-for advertising. There's always an agenda.

Although I typically like to pride myself as a deal-maker, I'm proud to say that one of my greatest accomplishments in the cannabis industry over the past few years has been guiding my clients AWAY from investing in cannabis stocks and away from doing stock-deals with cannabis companies that were public.

Sometimes the best deal of all, is no deal at all.

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