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This feels a lot like the 2008 subprime default all over again

This feels a lot like the 2008 subprime default all over again, with people building up pools of non-performing #cannabis assets, planning to sell them to the next sucker, and making fortunes by taking full advantage of the impending collapse of their house of cards.

After all the dust settles, and all the money runs out, the glamor and bright shiny things will fade away and the "winners" turn out to be losers, we will then learn that everything being fed to us over the past few years has been total nonsense.

Many "industry leaders" featured on news interviews on Bloomberg, CNBC, MSN, etc; keynote speaker addresses; mainstream news articles; industry magazine cover stories; podcasts and the like... have been total frauds, building their "success stories" upon empty promises, stacked upon a foundation of smoke and mirrors.

There are far too many "big" cannabis companies standing on the cliff of insolvency, who are not just simply seeing a "string of bad luck," as they'd like you to believe...they just thought reality wouldn't catch up with them before they could make their getaway... a lot richer.

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